The publishing division of Extra Mile Ministries includes books and songs. Please review the list of completed projects and works in progress.

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Sound Doctrine of Christ Series

Faith - $4.95

Hope - $4.95

Love - $4.95

Blood - $4.95

Future Books and New Series

Carnal Christian
New Christian in Jesus Series

Books 1-5
Sound Doctrine of Christ Series

Types of Prayer
Building Your House on the Rock Series

Standing Tall
Spiritual Warfare Series


Why Christians
Don't Get Healed
Foundations of
Christianity Series

Productive Rest
Building the Church Series

Filling the Earth
with High Praise
Prophecy Unfulfilled Series


Gates of Christiandom
Prophecy Fulfilled

Sound Doctrine of
Christ Serie


Christian Relationship Series
Foundation For Your Future Mate
Christian Stewardship Series
Money and Character Issues
Preparing For Prosperity
Money Answers All Things
Christos - Little Anointed Ones Series
Rivers, Streams, and Tributaries
End Times of the New Testament Series
Prerequisites for Revival
Building the Church Series
Building From Ashes
New Creation In Christ Series
Fire of God

Coming Soon

Spanish Fe

Spanish Esperanza