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The Lord gave me this word a few weeks ago in our ministry weekly Tuesday night prayer.

 Allow God to keep your dreams alive by letting Him elevate you from “more than a survivor” to “more than a conqueror”. The month of January will be a time of renewed vision, discernment and wisdom for the coming of personal and national events.

 “We are going through the Door of Order in 2008  where Discipline (my mind) is my Friend”

 Theme: God is going to SET IN ORDER things - (houses, spouses, careers and fears) – things that we have struggled with, desired and worked for, for years. Next many loose ends will come together SUDDENLY, and any confusion or frazzled MINDS WILL BE RESTORED. New revelation requires new consecration. We can’t fit new wine in an old wineskin.  Instead of us working for our money and goals, our goals and money will WORK FOR US. We have planted sacrificial seed in yesteryear, now is the time:

1)      To have lost fortunes restored ( James 5:4)

2)      Residual income and stabilization of careers, so as to free us to serve more effectively

3)      New measure of fruit in our Ministries, thus taking us from the addition to the multiplication.. 

 Where we have tried and failed for lack of structure, boundaries, and discipline. God is requiring new measures of consecration. Personal temples are being brought into order in order to accomplish God’s purposes in our lives.  Just as there was a pattern for each utensil and detail in David’s Tabernacle so must our lives be fashioned for unique placement into the Bride of Christ. We have had glimpses of Glory, but now His Call is for order and discipline of the mind.  We can no longer rely upon giftings, talents and abilities alone. (Recognition can, in and of itself stroke our egos and make us feel good our cliques and clubs). God is wanting residual fruit and “ The peaceable fruit of Righteousness”. (Heb 12:11)

 Do you want to be used in a greater way or find your true fulfillment in your Christian walk? Are you tired of being passed by while others seemingly less qualified are rewarded? It is requiring a TRANSFORMATION in our lives.



1)      First you must SEE YOUR PLACE via vision, prophecy or a Rhema word (Prov 29:18)

2)      The vision must be REFINED  ( Hab 2:2)

3)      Next comes the day when you are SET IN PLACE in Gods season or timing ( Hab 2:3)  even (e.g. Jesus submitted to the old order and was baptized by John.)

4)      Then comes being ESTABLISHED in your place and resting there (Ps 132)

5)      Finally comes the FRUIT THAT LASTS, instead of a bag with holes (Hag 1:6)


Peace comes through Righteousness. Righteousness came by the nail, hammer and cross. As we allow Grace to balance Truth we position ourselves to house, a greater Glory or visitation. Lazarus was dead, Isaac was potentially dead. In John 12:24 we read “Verily, verily, I say unto you, except a grain of wheat fall into the earth and die, it abideth by itself alone; but beareth much fruit. ASV”.

 So 2008 is about God BLOWING ON THE ASHES of our lives and RESTORING THE WASTE PLACES of yet unfulfilled vision. This is the time of PLACEMENT AND SEATING IN AUTHORITY, POWER AND VISITATION for those who have paid the price. The world is screaming for definition “will a real Christian please stand” or “will the real church please stand”. We are nearing the point of diminishing returns.  “The cry of the harvesters have reached the ears of the Lord of Hosts concerning wages they did not receive” James 5:4

 So let us tend to set the natural/spiritual in order and discipline our minds to our unique callings and placement. There is no room for jealousy in this hour, but we need get some altitude in His Presence daily.

 If you are called to be a;

1)      If you are called to be a PRIMARY LEADER, be the best leader you can be serving people as you govern the vision. Realizing that the way up continues on the path of humility which sometimes can spiral down. The Good Samaritan allowed his Donkey or vehicle to be used under his supervision.

 2)   If you are called to be a SECONDARY LEADER, then be the best primary secondary leader you can be and serve the primary leader and not seek to elevate yourself beyond your boundary, lot or measure. There will be times when the primary leader is away and you will have to step up to fulfill a short-term void experiencing a greater role of authority. Do not lose your head or mind when the leader returns and become puffed up.

3)   If you are in a season of “scaffolding” don’t decorate with drapes, indoor/outdoor carpet and permanent things on a temporary place or structure. The scaffold is used to build the permanent building.

 See yourself as a road under construction and do not allow FALSE SENSE OF SECURITY to enter in as we strive for the “mark of the high calling” (Phil 3). Yes we are to “be content in whatsoever place we find ourselves (Phil 4:11,12). Let us not allow short-term anxieties or disciplines to cause us to lose our mind (see Vines definition of discipline) or focus. The Master has a master plan.

 Money will come when you have a Godly mission. Remember what He orders He pays for. If it is really God’s will, then it will be God’s bill.  Even Israel, when in the wilderness complaining and going around the mountain over and over were provided for. How much more shall we be compensated for after we are “seated in” to our permanent place of ministry. As we tend to someone else’s vision or garden, God will tend to ours. God will fulfill, give us the push, edge or Anointing to cross over the Jordan’s set before us.


The parable of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10:33 defines what a neighbor is;

1)      The priest and the Levite  “pass by on the other side”, not positioning themselves for new ministry or recognizing Kairos time that the Good Samaritan compelled by compassion to time to take.

2)      The Good Samaritan had or instantly secured oil, wine and bandages and kept a cool head during a crisis and stabilized the situation

3)      The Good Samaritan had the continued financial where withal to secure a resting place for the indigent and yet did not allow this situation to detour him from his overall trip, plans or mission.

4)      The Good Samaritan moved on after all was in order not seeking recognition and was content with duty and honor. Because discretion is the better part of valor, the Bible has recorded and recognized what our priorities should be. If it comes down to being late for a meeting to come to another’s rescue or aid there is to be no choice in the matter.


First European Martyr:

 The first European martyr in America was a Huguenot named Jean Ribaut who founded the first colony in Jacksonville, Fla. of which is now known as America or the USA. From 1562-1565 the first baby was born and first seeds and cattle were brought to this great nation. Ribaut’s demise came by his decision to retaliate against the Spanish attack on the French ships anchored at the mouth of the now called St Johns River in North Fla.

 The French fort commander and second in command both advised Jean to fight a defensive war, to get the newly founded Fort Caroline in order first. Ribaut sailed three war ships 30 miles south to St Augustine, which was claimed but not yet established in hopes of catching or killing Pedro Mendendez, his Spanish counterpart who was sent by the King of Spain to destroy Fort Caroline. A hurricane erupted which shipwrecked Ribauts three ships to the South. When the Spanish found the French soldiers marching up the beach, near what was to be called “Matanzas” or “Massacre” he was asked by Pedro Menendez to renounce his Faith and was considered an infidel. Jean Ribaut refused and quoted Psalm 132 which is a Davidic dream pointing towards a day of spiritual rest. It seemed that providence was continually on the side of the Catholics.

 Revival in Jacksonville will raise up of Fathers and Mothers or true mentors who take their place of authority serious. Not pseudo? Test tube children spawn more of the same. But parents who have birthed children by the spirit and not through manipulation tactics but from house to house and in the Marketplace. A strong market place anointing will be birthed in Jacksonville.

Jean Ribaut, the Huguenot, was to set the standard like a thermostat and not go along with status quo and engage in hostilities like a thermometer. In fact the French were much kinder to the Indian than the Spanish. And when a Jean Ribaut's relatives came to take Fort Caroline back the Indian asked "how do we know you are Jean Ribaut’s friend and ours?" When the Songs of David that Jean had taught the Indians were sung, they felt at peace, and led the expedition to reclaim the fort.

 The name Huguenot means “singer in the streets”. Though the French were merchant mariners and had in fact with them in their colony some Catholics and first African Americans which were Moors it was important that God establish this great nation in Love and a shame that the first fruits were in shed blood. Every day at noontime in mixed company of the entire colony, they would ring a bell and sing the Psalms of David.

 Revival Coming to Jacksonville, Florida:

The revival that is coming to Jacksonville, Florida will be on a higher level and require a deeper commitment to maturity and love. It was and is still required to be paid by a high price and the call on this region will not be allowed to fall into other patterns and allowances. We must ask if Jean Ribaut had minded his own affairs, set the Fort in order and fought a defensive strategy, would the Fort in Ft Caroline have continued and been recognized as the official longest established colony in North America


Let us find universal Peace and Prosperity under each of our own vines and fig trees (Zech 3:10) with others ministries, our own ministries and any/all scaffolds or seasons we find ourselves in while not losing our minds or focus of God’s big picture or plan.


Prayer: Lord we have come to a place that unfulfilled dreams exist. We have tried and tried to cross our Jordan and yet do not see entire fulfillment. Seat us into our End Time calling and place so that we shine on our post and secure our place in the walls of Jerusalem that you are restoring and rebuilding. Complete that which you have started and get us up and over, around or through for we are going through the door in 2008 of Order and Discipline and want to be in a position to help, neighbors, our family, ministries and friends. Amen

                         Psalm 132 (Ribault’s Song)


Am            d                     em

Arise Oh Lord into your rest

Am             d                     em

Arise Oh Lord into your rest…

Am             d                   em

Arise Oh Lord into your rest                                                       

         C                  d                   em  

Final: We labor to enter into your rest…


1) g                 d                     c

For you have chosen Zion to habitat

   G               d   loud       c

* You have choooo-sen meeee

G                              d                            c  echo

Remember our (my) affliction as we (I) worship at your feet

G           d                                       c                 echo

Help us keep your Covenants and testimony , testimony               




2) g          d                               c

Let your priests be clothed in righteousness

G              d                     c Loud

Let your saints shout for joyyyyyyyy

G                      d                        c

For you have desired to live in Zion

G        d        c



Words by Dr. Judy Romanczuk/Mickey Roman   & Music by Mickey Roman, 5-4-01. (904) 646-3151

Boundary Lines

(Acts 17:26, Ps 16:6)


Lord, you have assigned me my portion


You have made my lot secure.

C                                                                     d                                                                    

The boundary lines have fallen  for me in pleasant places;


Surely I have a delightful inheritance.

F                                      c

I will praise the LORD, who counsels me


Even at night my heart instructs me.



C  (Higher)                        d

Even at night my heart instructs me.

C  Higher                          d

Even at night my heart instructs me.


Final: d   am   g


2) d

You have made from one blood every nation of men,


To dwell on all the face of the earth,


You have determined their pre appointed times


And the boundaries of their dwellings,


Even at night my heart instructs me.


                      All Words & Music by Mickey Roman (904) 646-3151 7-22-00




A. Nouns.

1. taxis NT:5010, "an arranging, arrangement, order" (akin to tasso, "to arrange, draw up in order"), is used in Luke 1:8 of the fixed succession of the course of the priests; of due "order," in contrast to confusion, in the gatherings of a local church, 1 Cor 14:40; of the general condition of such, Col 2:5 (some give it a military significance here); of the divinely appointed character or nature of a priesthood, of Melchizedek, as foreshadowing that of Christ, Heb 5:6,10; 6:20; 7:11 (where also the character of the Aaronic priesthood is set in contrast); 7:17 (in some mss, v. 21).


B. Verbs.


1. anatassomai NT:392, "to arrange in order" (ana, "up," and the middle voice of tasso, "to arrange"), is used in Luke 1:1, KJV, "to set forth in order" (RV, "to draw up"); the probable meaning is to bring together and so arrange details in "order."


3. epidiorthoo NT:1930, "to set in order" (epi "upon," dia, "through, intensive," and orthos, "straight"), is used in Titus 1:5, in the sense of setting right again what was defective, a commission to Titus, not to add to what the apostle himself had done, but to restore what had fallen into disorder since the apostle had labored in Crete; this is suggested by the epi.




sophronismos NT:4995, from sophron, lit., "saving the mind," from saos, "contracted to" sos, "safe" (cf. sozo, "to save"), phren, "the mind," primarily, "an admonishing or calling to soundness of mind, or to selfcontrol," is used in 2 Tim 1:7, KJV, "a sound mind"; RV, "discipline." Cf. sophroneo ("to be of sound mind"), sophronizo ("to admonish"), sophronos ("soberly"), and sophron, "of sound mind. See MIND. Cf. CHASTISEMENT


(from Vine's Expository Dictionary of Biblical Words, Copyright (c)1985, Thomas Nelson Publishers)

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Dear Friends:

Ex 34:29-31 When Moses came down from Mount Sinai with the two tablets of the Testimony in his hands, he was not aware that his face was radiant (OT:7160) because he had spoken (OT:1696) with the LORD. 30 When Aaron and all the Israelites saw Moses, his face was radiant, and they were afraid to come near him. NIV

Moses met God face-to-face when he went up to the mountain. He learned that God was a Spirit and communicated in the Spirit. God deposited upon Moses' face His Glory (weightiness). Moses' face was radiant. This meant that his face shot out horns, figuratively rays of glory. Moses' reaction was to cover his face with a veil or scarf because his face glowed so much that the people feared him. Moses then submitted to the people the Letter of Law written on tablets of stone, rather than encourage the people to meet God as he did, "face-to-face". What has happened, unto this day, is a literal veil actually separates the Word and God's Glory from the spiritual "face-to-face" desire of meeting and communing directly with God.

The author would like to balance attempts to provide first class teaching with Hebrew and Greek references that are easy and simple to learn, as well as sermon outlines that can be used to pass on truth with a short word regarding God's Glory. The Great Commission in Matt. 28 challenges us to "go into all the world preaching and teaching," which works best when the Glory of God goes before us.

Jesus spoke of a day when a people would worship in Spirit and in Truth (Jn 4:24). The tabernacle of David is being Spiritually Restored and points towards a day when churches will discover under a Corporate Anointing how to "Give Glory and Honor Due God's Name" and quit play acting like the Children of Israel did with Moses by looking to Silver and Gold which speaks of modern day Religious orders, kingdoms of man's ego and pride and any other substitute for meeting God face to face. The church is in transition. Some will become transformed and move on. Others will remain behind with hardened hearts, while the third group will wonder what happened at all and be completely left behind.

We as Kings and Priests are to build the Kingdom of David so that Corporate worship as incense is being performed all over the earth 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In Ex 15 we see that the Spirit of Amilech goal is to oppose the Throne of God. Every time we worship we build a throne and every time we practice the Presence of God, Amilech will come to try to destroy it, or steal our peace. God latter said "Rehearse in the ears of Joshua" meaning that from Generation to Generation and day to day we are to fight the Anti Christ or Amilech spirit that tries to suppress The Rule of God in our lives or The Throne that we set of for Rule of God in our life each time we worship at Home or in Church. Colossians states that the "Fullness of Godhead dwells in you Bodily". 

We must pursue His Presence and not presents. God is wooing and pursuing us to restore the Davidic order by putting a hunger and call on each of us so that Solomon will come forth to build. Anointing is not the issue. The church shall grow beyond the thrills of special speakers that visit our services, goose bumps from touches or visits of the Spirit or realization of individual Anointings, Gifts, that have been entrusted to us, thinking how special we are. The issue is the manifest presence of God settling in or the Kabod (Hebrew word for Glory, honor, weightiness) to the saturation level as it were drunkenness or falling prostrate before Him voluntarily or involuntarily.

In our attempt to "spread the Gospel according to knowledge", we would like to take the time to share two foundational, contextual and predestined truths. First, the prophet Samuel is a type and foreshadowing of the end time prophetic army. Second, the Church of Antioch, in the book of Acts, was a first fruits example of "sending out teams" under direct Apostolic oversight. The significance in both prophetic examples of Samuel, being of a "new order", and the Church of Antioch is based upon the simple truth: The Holy Spirit is building the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ on Revelation Knowledge, Prophetic Anointing and Grace (His gifts, His talents & His abilities) to flow through us in spite of us and not upon man's natural knowledge, personalities, charms, gifts, talents or abilities or genetic breeding.

The "Glory Carriers" that God is raising up will walk in the place where "man does not live by bread alone, but by every word (Rhema) that proceeds out of the mouth of God". The definition of the Bride coming into a place of perfection is simply from "His proceeding Word (Rhema) or prophetic influence guiding each one of us and plugging each one of us into our place in the restored walls of Jerusalem. Every stone has a specific place in Nehemiah's restored wall. Whether you have been burned and polished or new from not being spoiled in the world each of us from the foundations of the world have been called to fulfill a role and this has nothing to do with attending church and fulfilling some kind of religious rules of conduct but everything to do with submitting to the big plan and picture called the many faceted "Body of Christ, jointed fitted and flowing together so that we move in unison, every man not bucking rake with Jesus as the Head and Shoulders. 

The next color in God's Covenant Rainbow was started at the church of Antioch and may be called the "Saints Movement" for ordinary people will be fulfilling extraordinary tasks as seen in Book of Acts. As the Church within the Church or The Bride matures and experiences a climatic level of former and latter rain combined (Joel 2:23), we will be able to combat the 10 levels of demonic counterfeits like Moses so openly displayed against Pharaoh. The world is crying out for answers and must visible see the tangible manifestations of signs and Wonders in the market place. The question must be answered, "Will the real Christians please stand up?" Religion and Mans government has offered social reform at best. Now as the hands and feet take on the complete frame of the Body of Christ, let us demonstrate and define what Christianity really means by starting today by crying out "God please make, Break me and Take to the niche in the wall you have called and commanded me to fulfill" Amen? Amen!

The Apostolic movement consists of Horizontal Apostles that are Anointed to call other ministries together such as James the Brother of Jesus. Vertical Apostles such as Peter and Paul have the authority to set in order leadership in local churches. Hyphenated Apostles occupy more then one ministry position recognized as Pastor/Prophet/Teacher and Jesus is a great example. Marketplace Apostles Minister in the business world yet come under covering of local church such as Paul ( Timothy). When any of these offices or expressions is not evident we see a finger or in the hand of Gods blessings removed or held back. Another words part of the wall has a hole in it leaving us vulnerable to attack.

A Corporate Anointing is higher then personnel Anointings, for Unity and Power of Agreement commands a blessing (Ps 133:3 ). God has and is government, and government must flow in order from the shoulders of Jesus through "Rest of the Body" which is us. When this government is raised up "there will be no end" Righteousness, Peace and Joy.

I have seen to many "budding Prophets, Pastors, Evangelist's, Teachers and friends with wonderful potential and great Anointing leave a local church prematurely without commissioning only to find limited success and frustration as they hit Plateaus in their personal life as with any new ministries started. We cannot establish, overcome or start new works in ministry with full Godly approval without an Apostolic blessing upon our lives. Meanwhile maintaining accountability and right relationship with the Old Order or Mentors insures healthy continued growth, favor and preventative maintenance to avoid pit falls and problems.

May this booklet take you to a place where further communing with God brings you to a "face-to-face encounter with His Glory" and may others be surprised when they see rays of glory shooting out from your face. Anointment brings appointment in His timing.

(OT:7160)  qaran (kaw-ran'); a primitive root; to push or gore; used only as denominative from,
(OT:7161)  to shoot out horns; figuratively, rays: KJV-have horns, shine.
(OT:1696)  dabar (daw-bar'); a primitive root; perhaps properly, to arrange; but used figuratively
(of words), to speak; rarely (in a destructive sense) to subdue :KJV-answer, appoint,
bid, command, commune, declare, destroy, give, name, promise, pronounce, rehearse,
say, speak, be spokesman, subdue, talk, teach, tell, think, use [entreaties], utter, X well, X work.

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