We would like to share with you the importance of Microeconomics in respect to Missions and Discipleship. Helping  people in underdeveloped countries is a real need in respect to the adage "Give a man a fish and he will be hungry again tomorrow, teach a man to fish and he shall never lack again". Finances can be raised many ways in order to increase growth and take Discipleship to the next level which is the Marketplace.

Breaking the Spirit of Dependence and walking people through the balanced development of Spirit, Soul and Body helps bolster or follow through commitments concerning crusades, short term mission trips and normal evangelism techniques.


1) Project of our Choice 1 - Sewing factories, cows, exports, growing or marketing food etc.; Different keys open different doors. Money used as development seed targeted for a certain period of time, with the purpose of achieving a prophetic goal under direct supervision of local custodian and submitted to Apostolic oversight in conjunction with Program Outlines can reach people that conventional means lacks .

2) Project of our Choice 2 - Our 15 minute marketplace Radio Program awaits many cities. How about yours? We have Radio station locations needing equipment, T.V. broadcasts needing sponsors. Book and CD planting projects behind iron curtain and various countries needing material.Bible school plantings and support, logistics etc.

3) Project of your Choice - Maybe your youth group or Church would like to underwrite a specific project. Under consignment. A case of CD's or books can be extended to your organization. By selling them locally, all profits will then go to the designated project (Church Planting, Community Center, Radio Station).

4) Group Missions Trip - Your group can visit at some point in future one of your sponsored Microeconomic projects! Better then a bake sale or carwash. Underwriting a Missions trip in general to a location in your network or ours and see exactly where your money went and you will feel a sense of long term commitment to a Nation like never before..

5) Crusades - Help launch a crusade. Start a revival by raising funds for a strategic crusade with your Evangelist  or one of our speakers.

Again, to do all this and more we ask for your prayers and support. Together, we can go the "Extra Mile" and win souls in a conventional and non-conventional  way.